Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Story of Alisha Zephyr

This is the ongoing saga of Alisha Zephyr, born into the Random Legacy Challenge.
Alisha is a Young Adult Sim who has struck out on her own. Taking the money that was left to her from an inheritance from her Maternal Grandmother Barbara Borden, she moved far away from her own family to the town of Appaloosa Plains. She didn't get along with her family and had always wanted to get as far away from them as she possibly could. In her grandmother's will, there was a stipulation to her receiving her inheritance money. She was given a letter during the will reading from Grammy Barb's lawyer and he told her to read it private after the reading and that they would talk about it alone.

Everyone wanted to know what the letter said. But the lawyer rushed them out of the room and said "This letter is private and for Alisha's eyes only. This is what Barbara wanted and you need to abide by her wishes. Alisha and I will have a meeting after she reads the letter to discuss the stipulations and her inheritance, but for now you must leave my office."

"Mom and Dad... I'll be home after I finish up with Mr. Jenkins here. I might not even be able to get this inheritance, and I need to know what Grammy wanted. Please..."

Alisha's parents finally relented, left Mr Jenkins' office and went home. "You'd better come right home after this meeting, I want to know what's going on" yelled Alisha's mother as they drove off.

Alisha sat down and read Grammy Barb's letter.

 My Dearest Alisha, 
I know how hard life has been for you. My daughter married a terrible man, and they both have neglected you for so long. I did what I could for you when I could, but they didn't let me visit or send gifts to you. 
This will be my final gift to you. I want you to take this 20,000 Simoleons, and get as far away as you can. Leave town, don't go home just leave. Mr Jenkins will have arranged for a car to take you away so that you don't have to see your family again. Move to Appalooza Plains and go see a realtor by the name of Jared Simmons, and he will help you buy your own place, and get set up in town. 
This is my final gift to you. To get you away from the family that made your life miserable. They won't be able to hurt you anymore. Don't worry about them, Mr Jenkins will tell them the stipulation was, and tell them you are gone. You don't have to face them anymore. 

I love you Alisha, 
Grammy Barb 

"Is this for real?" Alisha asked Mr Jenkins?  "Seriously?"

"Of course it is" he replied. "Your grandmother wanted the best for you and she was limited in what she could do for you. She told me about your situation long ago, and had wanted me to help her find a way to help you escape the terrible life that you've had to lead. So, are you ready?"

"I'm scared... but I am ready. My life has been so horrible.. I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe I am free.  What if they come looking for me? What do I do?"

"Alisha, they won't come looking for you. There is also a stipulation for them in the will. They must not go looking for you or they will forfeit everything and you will get it all. So they will have her house and the rest of her estate, but they can not look for you. There are people in Appalooza Plains that have been hired to watch out for you. You won't know who they are, they will not tell you they are working for your grandmother's estate. Money was also set aside for your protection, and I have already set everything up. The only thing left is for you to leave."

And so she did. And she didn't look back.